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The Pacific Coast of the Rivas Province in Nicaragua is very rich in surf. Ranging from hollow beach breaks to incredible point breaks, surfers of all ability levels are sure to find something to their liking. In addition, the prevailing winds blow offshore nearly every day of the year, grooming the powerful surf into clean, hollow lines.

Over the last ten years, Popoyo Surf Lodge has hosted some of the best surfers in the world. From Andy Irons, Rob Machado, Corey Lopez to C.J. and Damien Hobgood, the best of the best choose Popoyo Surf Lodge when they visit Nicaragua.Andy Irons visits Popoyo Surf Lodge in NicaraguaFred Pattachia, Mike Parsons, Andy Irons, Corey Lopez, JJ Yemma and Jason Hatch in front of the Popoyo Surf Lodge June 2008.

The barrel of your life is waiting!

There are more than 12 world class surf breaks within a 40 minute boat ride from our facility. Due to the prevailing offshores, the surf often stays clean all day long. You won't find this in other parts of Central America or many other parts of the world.

Our extensive fleet of vehicles is ready to get you to the waves, either by land or sea.

PSL is proud to offer the most reliable and newest fleet of vehicles in the area.

  • Cruise in comfort in our 2 new 2010 Toyota Hi-Lux 4x4 Trucks & 2008 Land Cruiser Safari.
  • Two boats to ensure access to the best surf spots in the region. You'll never miss the best day of swell at PSL.

Our Fleet

A typical Popoyo Day

  • 4:30-5 A.M. Wake up call - coffee, breakfast
  • In the water by 6 AM
  • 2 to 4 sessions daily. We will surf your brains out !!!!!
  • Lunch taken on boats, with lots of fruit and cold water.
  • Back to Popoyo in time for an evening dip in the pool or a cold beer.
  • Dinner served at approximately 7 P.M.
  • After dinner wind down, relax and hang out with friends in the A/C, mosquito free entertainment room.
  • Enjoy a game of ping-pong, have a massage, watch movies or surf videos.
  • Go to sleep and DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN !!!!!

The peak season for big swell is normally April to September. However, March and November have very consistent head high to overhead swell with clean surf conditions. The offshores are typically strongest during March & April, so you might want to consider bringing a wetsuit top.

Perfect Surfing Nicaragua

surfing ImageIf your surfing travel plans have you considering Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico...) You may want to stop and consider coming here instead. Many of the destinations in these areas have seen an increase in the crowd factor in recent years.

Its getting harder and harder at the more consistent destinations just to catch a few waves and beat the crowds, something you were hoping to leave at home. However surfing is growing in record numbers and those who venture into newer territories will reap the rewards of uncrowded, perfect surf.

    What to Bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Rash Guards
  • Day Board Bag
  • Spring Suits or Wetsuit tops ( December through April )
  • Wax & Ding Repair Kit
  • 2 or more Leashes & a few boards.
    ( Occasionally, its nice to have a bigger board that works double over head conditions )
  • Tips for staff and surf guide.
  • Extra money for massage and surf photos if desired

The locals here are just learning to surf and are gracious to recieve anything you can leave behind. Be generous and the kindness can go a long way towards making new friends.

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