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Welcome to Playa Guasacate, Nicaragua, home of the world famous Popoyo Surf Lodge. Your host JJ Yemma pioneered the first "surf camp" in all of Nicaragua. JJ first started visiting Nicaragua in 1996 and the Popoyo Surf Lodge started taking guests in 1999.

As the first surf hotel in Nicaragua we have an unparalled knowledge of the waves, the breaks and the the local community. With ten years of experience living here and surfing the breaks year-round, we really do have the area wired. We use this experience to ensure that our guest are on the best surf breaks possible, considering swell size and direction, crowds and waves suitable for our guest’s skill level. With two boats, a fleet of 4x4 trucks and daily surf reports via our satellite internet system, we have a proven track record of getting our guests to the best waves possible everyday of their trip. Check out the surf page for photos of Nicaragua's perfect surf.

Popoyo Surf Lodge history

The Popoyo Surf Lodge is a truly a unique Surf Lodge and was the very first hotel geared for surfers to be established in Nicaragua. In 1996, JJ came up from Costa Rica and fell in love with Nicaragua, it’s people and most importantly, the surf. He surfed Popoyo (which JJ actually incorrectly named Popoyo, the beach is actually Playa Sardinas) and some of the other breaks in the area and realized that he had truly found an area blessed with fantastic surf and offshore winds.

In 1999, JJ made the permanent move to Nicaragua and started the construction on a very “rustic” Popoyo Surf Lodge. Since then we have made lots of changes and renovations to the facility, along with fantastic friends that have moved into the area to work with us at the Popoyo Surf Lodge and share the dream.

Fast forward to 2015. We have a fresh complement of hard core surfers on staff and have been setting new standards for excellence here the newly improved Popoyo Surf Lodge - now a fully functioning resort style hotel. All the finest amenities have been considered and carefully planned to insure that your stay with us is an adventure to be remembered. Our knowledge of the surf and the local area is unmatched and we have used our years of experience to make sure that every guest leaves Nicaragua satisfied and ready to come back and visit with us again.